Heavy Industrial and Commercial

We communicate well with our customers. We can build and maintain complete electrical systems. our journeyman electricians specialize in industrial and high-tech instrumentation and controls. Installation, maintenance and testing of battery systems, low and medium voltage switchgear and substations. We troubleshoot heavy industrial electrical systems of all kinds. In summary, if it’s heavy industrial, or it’s commercial and electrical we do it!

Cable Splicing and Fiber Optics

No job is too complex. We have a vast amount of experience in working with fiber optic and copper cabling.

Water Filtration and Wastewater Treatment Plants

New construction or reparations of an old system… US West has been instrumental in the planning, installation and maintenance of many water filtration plants and wastewater treatment facilities. We work closely with water districts and appreciate the importance of these projects. Our team members have completed many projects from Southern California all the way to Northern Oregon.

Large Transformers and Generators

Emergency generators. Large or small. US West is accomplished at working on small to very large generators and transformers of many makes and models. We install emergency generators, maintain and troubleshoot sizes 10 KW to 350 MW. We will inspect stator windings, remove, inspect and repair rotors, DCS supervisory circuits, excitation equipment and connections. We can install metering, grounding, protective relays and synchronizing delays.

Plant and Factory Upgrades and Expansions

Replacement and electrical upgrades is what we do! We service low, medium and high voltage systems, switchboards, panel boards and motors. We are able to remove and install cable trays, wiring, and conduit, maintenance of meters and other instrumentation and monitoring systems, including hydrogen gas detectors. We can maintain, test and replace as needed lead acid/dry cell batteries.

Pump Stations

Size does not matter! Electrically speaking, our team has installed and maintained many pump stations just in the past few years alone. In December of 2013 we completed a medium size pump station in Beaverton, Oregon. Earlier in 2013 we completed a large pump station in Riverside California. We completed work on six pump stations in 2013.


Working with electricity is extremely dangerous business. We all know this. But at US West Corporation our trained electricians take all vital precautions to ensure the safety of their peers, other construction workers and of themselves. We will not subject ourselves or others to unnecessary risks. We adhere to strict policies and procedures with regard to the use of drugs and alcohol, working in extreme environments; such as the Mojave Desert, confined spaces and more.

Our safety record is as good as they come. We are consummate professionals and we pride ourselves on our outstanding safety record. We meet or beat OSHA and IBEW standards.